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Opiskelija tarkastelee anatomista mallia.

UEF hosts Erasmus+ Meetup for medical and dental educators in June 2023

Supported by the Erasmus+ Global Mobility Programme, the University of Eastern Finland will host a one-day Meetup on Basic Medical and Dental Science Education on 7 June, 2023. The invited speakers are top-notch professionals from the U.S., Canada, Ghana and Finland. The participants can join the meeting either on-site or virtually.

The Meetup will provide participants with professional networking opportunities with fellow medical and dental educators, while also allowing them to learn from internationally recognized speakers. “They will share their experiences and proven strategies to help us succeed in the preclinical classroom and in our clinical educational careers,” says Dr Szabolcs Felszeghy from UEF’s Institute of Biomedicine and Institute of Dentistry, who is an Ambassador of the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) and will be chairing the Meetup.

The major topics of the Meetup include Innovative Teaching Strategies and Best Practice strategies. “This is an ideal opportunity for educators to learn about new insights and evidence-based instructional practices from national exemplary programs to reach and teach medical and dental students,” Dr Felszeghy says.

“Truly effective educational methodologies, such as Problem-based learning, Flipped classroom, and Gamification not only help students pass their academic exams and state-mandated tests, but also prepare those students to pass the tests of their medical and dental careers. Research shows that helping young undergraduates manage their emotions and build positive relationships prepares them for “real life” and also helps them succeed academically.”

The speakers focus on research-based and classroom-originated interventions, lessons, and curriculums that help medical and dental students manage their emotions, achieve goals, express heart-felt empathy for others, maintain positive relationships, and make successful personal and professional decisions.

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