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The UEF 10 mire is a treasure trove for researchers

In 2020, the University of Eastern Finland celebrated its 10th anniversary and marked the occasion by setting up a private conservation area in the Ylpässuo mire in Kiuruvesi, eastern Finland. Today, this conservation area is one of the seven Open Labs included in the European REWET project.

  • Text Marianne Mustonen
  • Photos Raija Törrönen and Jaakko Pohjoismäki
Elina Oksanen using surveying equipment.
In the photo: Elina Oksanen.
Ditch in peatland.
In the photo: Drainage ditches in the nearby forest areas have deteriorated the mire’s water economy for decades.
Ylpässuo. Kuva Jaakko Pohjoismäki.
In the photo: Malaise trap. In the photo: Niina Kiljunen, Jiri Vihavainen and Pekka Pohjola. Photo: Jaakko Pohjosmäki.
Elina Oksanen and Timo Oksanen standing beside surveying equipment.
In the photo: The measuring devices are placed in a specific location on the mire according to wind direction, and so far, they have worked well without any remarkable interruptions. In the photo: Elina Oksanen ja Timo Oksanen.

The University of Eastern Finland’s efforts to conserve the mire are a good example of environmental responsibility.

Elina Oksanen


Fungus growing on rottening birch.
In the photo: Ylpässuo is a complex mire with many different microhabitats and plenty of biodiversity.
Beard lichen hanging from a tree branch.
In the photo: Ylpässuo.