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Coronavirus situation at the University of Eastern Finland

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Several cases of COVID-19 on the Joensuu Campus

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Exposed students and teachers will switch to online learning for two weeks, and Sykettä university sports services are discontinued for the remainder of the year in Joensuu

Several cases of COVID-19 have been discovered among students on the Joensuu Campus, and there are also several separate chains of transmission in the city. Students and teachers exposed to the coronavirus have been contacted, and they will switch to online learning for a period of two weeks, until 4 December.

Due to the coronavirus situation, Sykettä university sports services in Joensuu are discontinued for the remainder of the year by a joint decision of the University of Eastern Finland and Karelia University of Applied Sciences. The discontinuation of the Sykettä university sports services pertains to those activities that require physical attendance, i.e. it is still possible to hold online classes.

Exposure to the coronavirus has been possible on several group exercise classes as well as in restaurants both on campus and in the city. Siun sote keeps a list of places where exposure to the coronavirus has been possible. The list is updated regularly and can be found at:

The following places of possible exposure to the coronavirus pertain to the Joensuu Campus:

12 November: Länsikatu School (Tulliportinkatu 1) Sykettä Fitness Class with Weekly Rotation at 18–19 or Tabata + Stretching at 19–20

16 November: Sports Centre, Yoga, at 9-10

16 November: Fitness Boxing, Sports Centre at 16–17

17 November: Restaurant Kampus Bistro at 11–12

17 November: Group Exercise Class, Energy (city centre) at 15.30–16.30

Lists of participants in the above-mentioned group exercise classes have been delivered to Siun sote. Siun sote will contact all those exposed to the coronavirus for further instructions and possible ordering into quarantine.

People who have visited Kampus Bistro, or any other location listed in Siun sote’s list of places where exposure has been possible, are recommended to keep a close eye on their symptoms and get tested even if experiencing only ones.

Following the hygiene guidelines and physical distancing is now absolutely critical everywhere. Please do not come to the campus if you are feeling unwell, remember physical distancing, good hand hygiene and wear a mask.