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Impact of the war in Ukraine on UEF

Ukrainian refugees.

Knowledge of the Russian language and culture is more important than ever

Lately, students of the Russian language and culture at the University of Eastern Finland have been able to use of their knowledge of the language and culture in a meaningful way by helping Ukrainians. Besides relief efforts, it is also essential that Finland has experts capable of analysing and anticipating Russia.

  • Text Nina Venhe | Photos Mostphotos, Varpu Heiskanen and Heikki Poutanen
Ukrainian refugee Photo Heikki Poutanen.
About 170 refugees were brought to Finland and to safety as a result of Hane Peace Ukraine’s mission at Easter. In the photo, the team of “Bus Number 3”: Heikki Poutanen (on the left), Maria Urpi, Pauli Hakulinen and Eemeli Onatsu (in the back).
Ukrainian refugees beds.
Nikula Olga-Maaria in portrait.
Olga-Maaria Nikula says having a common language makes the refugees feel safe in Finland.