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Genelec CEO Siamäk Naghian and Inklusiiv Founder Katja Toropainen appointed as new members of the UEF Board

Genelec CEO Siamäk Naghian, Doctor of Science (Technology), and Founder of the Inklusiiv community Katja Toropainen, MSc (Economics and Business Administration), are the new external members of the University of Eastern Finland's Board for the period 2022–2025.  The current external members Lea Ryynänen-Karjalainen and Jaakko Kiander were also re-appointed for a new term.

The Collegiate Body of the University of Eastern Finland made a decision on the external members on Friday, 28 May. Earlier this spring, the Collegiate Body decided that the composition of the Board will remain at ten members. The elections of internal members from among the academic community will take place in the autumn.

Links to eastern Finland as well as understanding of the importance of educational and labour immigration and diversity as the university’s success factors were emphasised in the appointments.

Siamäk Naghian is CEO of the Iisalmi-based, internationally renowned sound system manufacturer Genelec. He holds a Doctor of Science (Technology) degree from Helsinki University of Technology, awarded in 2001. Naghian was born in Iran and he emphasises the importance of scientific knowledge as a foundation for Genelec’s success. He has also served as a member of Kuopio University Foundation’s board.

Katja Toropainen is the former Chief Curator of the technology and growth enterprise event Slush. Currently, Toropainen leads the Inklusiiv community she has founded, highlighting the importance of diversity as a success factor. Inklusiiv produces various events, projects and content, and provides consultancy services and training. Toropainen holds a Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) degree from Aalto University.

The current Chair of the university’s Board, Lea Ryynänen-Karjalainen, and Vice-Chair Jaakko Kiander, were re-appointed for a new term. Ryynänen-Karjalainen is the Executive Director of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, and Kiander is the Director responsible for planning, research and statistics at the Finnish Centre for Pensions, and a member of the Finnish Centre for Pensions’ Management Group.

“We wanted to have both continuity and renewal in the Board. During last winter, the Collegiate Body charted the academic community’s views on the skills and networks desired for the Board. The skills and backgrounds of the four members who have now been appointed to the Board reflect both their commitment to eastern Finland and its development, their views on the key tasks of the Board and, as a new emphasis, understanding of the importance of diversity both in the activities and as a success factor for the organisation,” says Collegiate Body Chair Tero Karjalainen.

For further information, please contact:

Tero Karjalainen, Chair of the University Collegiate Body, University of Eastern Finland,, tel. +358 40 355 2121

Mikko Laitinen, Vice-Chair of the University Collegiate Body, University of Eastern Finland, tel. +358 50 441 2389