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Oppilaat jalkapalloa pelaamassa.

Gender equality doesn’t come naturally in schools

Finns are known for taking great pride in equality, and the country’s basic education has been regarded as a cornerstone in building that equality. Thanks to increased gender awareness, schools have now been put under a more critical microscope. It has been found that besides promoting gender equality, schools can also maintain unequal social structures.

  • Text Nina Venhe | Photos Varpu Heiskanen, Raija Törrönen and Mostphotos
Salla Myyry.
Salla Myyry.
Pupils playing in the school yard.
Salla Myyry says that for some students, she is the first teacher they’ve told about their non-binary gender. “It is overwhelming how many teachers just want to close their eyes and not see these things.”

If one can see plurality in oneself, it’s fair to ask why we should have just two categories of gender.

Children wearing colorful socks.


Profile picture: Salla Myyry

Salla Myyry

Early Stage Researcher