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Young tips of a spruce tree.

Forest Scientists of the University of Eastern Finland contribute enhancing digital learning

ForestBioFacts – Innovative digital learning environment on forest-based industry and forestry for professionals and students

  • Environment and natural resources

ForestBioFacts digital learning environment covers everything from sustainable forest management to wood-based products and technologies. In addition to the traditional paper, board, pulp and wood products, also biobased nanomaterials and wood-based textiles are discussed. Besides, it provides information on energy and biofuels, process automation, supply chain, asset management, environmental management and business and investment planning. The content of digital learning environment is partly based on the preceding Papermaking Science and Technology book series, but is now more comprehensive and visual and more user friendly.

ForestBioFacts is the largest learning environment for forest-based bioeconomy in the world, including over 1500 expert articles, 300 videos, a proper glossary, and a 6-language dictionary in an easily usable form.

Forestry related learning environment section of the ForestBioFacts was edited and partly written by emeritus professor Seppo Kellomäki, University of Eastern Finland (UEF),  in collaboration with emeritus professor Olli Saastamoinen (UEF) and emeritus professor Pekka Niemelä (University of Turku), professor Timo Pukkala (ISY) and professor Antti Asikainen (Natural Resources Institute Finland, Luke), professor Erkki Verkasalo (Luke),  researcher Jari Lindblad (Luke) and emeritus professor Lauri Valsta (University of Helsinki).

For further information: 

Overview for ForestBioFacts digital learning environment

Forestry related learning environment section

Emeritus professor Seppo Kellomäki’s video on Sustainable forestry

Seppo Kellomäki

Professor, Emeritus

Olli Saastamoinen

Professor, Emeritus

Profile picture: Timo Pukkala

Timo Pukkala