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Coronavirus situation at the University of Eastern Finland

Students and teacher studying.

Finnish model of online teaching goes abroad

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  • Text Nina Venhe | Photos Varpu Heiskanen and Riikka Malin

Then the students will already have a ready-made concept for, and experience in, online teaching.

Hilkka Koivistoinen


Students and teacher studying.
Naomi Mgaya (on the left) and Milli Tarvainen on an English lesson. Although there might be some gaps in understanding what is being said, assistance is available from fellow pupils and the pupils’ own teachers.
ELEIC students in a picture.
Valentina Reina Picalúa and Simon Wojtyczka have co-taught English lessons in the Tulliportti primary school. This has been an opportunity to practice co-teaching and to learn about the technological opportunities available for teaching.