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Students working on computers.

Doctoral defence of Rosalina Babo, MSc, 24 Sept 2021: The reliability of Multiple-Choice Quizzes combined with workgroup projects to assess large classrooms and achieve accurate individual marks

The doctoral dissertation in the field of Computer Science will be examined at the the Faculty of Science and Forestry online.

The doctoral thesis of MSc Rosalina Babo provides a method for higher education teachers to use continuous assessment of practical Information Systems topics in crowded classrooms, without compromising the learning process and learning outcomes of these students. This method combines the implementation of multiple-choice questions supported by Moodle to assess non-theoretical topics and the use of Problem-Based Learning workgroups to assist with the assessment of skills and competencies acquisition.

It also presents an innovative way of guaranteeing that the individuals working in groups are assessed according to their performance and contribution to the work developed. WebAVALIA, a self and peer assessment software, was developed to assist the evaluator in differentiating students according to their commitment and skills. Consequently, each member of a workgroup will achieve an appropriate mark for their efforts to the work developed.

The doctoral dissertation of MSc Rosalina Babo, entitled Improving individual and collaborative E-assessment through multiple-choice questions and WebAVALIA - a new e-assessment strategy implemented at a Portuguese university will be examined at the Faculty of Science and Forestry on the 24th of September online. The opponent in the public examination will be Professor Valentina Dagienė, Vilnius University, Lithuania and the custos will be Docent Jarkko Suhonen, University of Eastern Finland. The public examination will be held in English.

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Link to the event Passcode: 227772, Webinar ID: 652 5397 4522

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