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Current topics in Finland China Food and Health network webinar on 8 April

An international webinar to be hosted by the University of Eastern Finland on 8 April will present food and health related research topics varying from polyphenols to gut microbiota, protein sources, muscle loss prevention in the elderly, and more. The FCFH Nutrition and Health Webinar will feature presentations by esteemed researchers from both Finland and China. The webinar is part of the Finland China Food and Health (FCFH) network activities.

The webinar will take place on 8th of April from 9-12 Finnish time. The six presentations will provide an overview on the current research scenario in the field of nutrition science in these two countries. In addition, it will provide an excellent opportunity for networking and developing new research collaborations in the field of nutrition science between and within Finland and China. Participation is free of charge.

FCFH is one of the global internationalization programs that the Ministry of Culture and Education of Finland has recently launched together with Finnish higher education institutes. Through the FCFH network, multidisciplinary actions among Finnish universities, universities of applied sciences and Chinese universities and research institutes are being created. The aim of the network is to maintain and support existing research and educational collaborations and facilitate new, potential collaborations. The network is coordinated by the Turku University. The network includes three sub-themes: Nutrition, health effects and food, Food safety and sustainability, and Technology related to food, digital tools and health technology. Of these three, the University of Eastern Finland is participating in the coordination of the Nutrition, health effects and food sub-theme by Professor Marjukka Kolehmainen and Dr. Suchetana De.

The activities of the FCFH network officially started last year with the kick-off event on 1st November. The kick-off event comprised of a webinar in which 130 researchers from various institutes of Finland and China participated and 35 of them also presented their research topic. Inspired by the high interest in the kick-off event, webinars focusing on individual sub-themes are now being organized by the respective responsible universities. The webinar on 8th April will focus mainly on the nutrition, health effects and food sub-theme.

Please find more information on the FCFH network and the webinar at: Please register for the webinar before 4th April.