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A wind turbine.

Controversial wind power

Finns are in favour of increasing the use of wind power. Yet, very few would like to see a wind power station near their summer house. Does the NIMBY phenomenon pose a threat to ecological reconstruction that seeks to abolish large-scale use of fossil fuels?

  • Text Sari Eskelinen | Illustration Mostphotos, Raija Törrönen, Varpu Heiskanen and CORE project

In opinion polls, most Finns consider wind power to be a good thing.

A group of people standing in a circle holding hands on top of each others' hands.
Different stakeholders should work together to find solutions to how wind power projects can be implemented.

It is important to identify stakeholders who play a key role in solving the problem.

Lasse Peltonen

Professor of Environmental Conflict Resolution

Lasse Peltonen
A spectrum of engagement in shared environmental decision-making.
Social acceptance should be seen as an ongoing process where varying degrees and ways of participation are needed.
Map of Finnish municipalities in the Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities Network.
more than 70 Finnish municipalities have already committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 80% from the level of 2007 by 2030.