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Anni Lehmuskero.

Anni Lehmuskero appointed as Professor of Practice in Optical Design

Anni Lehmuskero, a newly appointed Professor of Practice in the field of photonics, seeks to update the university’s optical design education and facilitate university-business collaboration.

Professor of Practice fosters university-business collaboration

Focusing on optical design, the Professor of Practice position in the field of photonics is the first of its kind at the Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology in the University of Eastern Finland. 

“Optical design is undergoing transformation in Finland, as it is no longer taught anywhere else but in our university,” says Development Manager Juha Purmonen from the Department of Physics and Mathematics. 

According to Purmonen, there is a tremendous need for optical design in photonics companies and other industries as well.

“Photonics will be integrated in all industries and in all products. There is a particularly great need within industry, where experience in utilising photonics is still somewhat lacking. Naturally, the photonics industry is also growing, and there is a lot of demand, too. Lehmuskero’s role will be to develop our education and create links between the university and industry,” he says.

“At the University of Eastern Finland, photonics education has been moved under education in technology, and we are currently undergoing a reform that will reshape the curriculum to better meet the needs of business and industry. Previously, students of photonics and optics graduated with a Master of Science degree, but now they will be graduating with a Master of Science in Technology degree,” Lehmuskero says. 

There is a clear demand for experts in optical design in Finnish companies today.

Anni Lehmuskero