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Andrew Agbaje.

Andrew Agbaje Wins Outstanding Abstract Award at ENDO 2024 congress

Andrew Agbaje’s abstract on the effect of childhood sedentariness on liver health was selected for an Outstanding Abstract Award at the Endocrine Society’s ENDO 2024 congress in Boston, US where he gave an oral presentation. The full original article was simultaneously published in Nature’s npj Gut and Liver. 

Andrew Agbaje is a physician and associate professor (docent) of clinical epidemiology and child health at the University of Eastern Finland.

Agbaje’s study revealed that for each half-hour of sedentary behaviour above six hours per day, children had 15 percent increased risk of developing severe fatty liver disease as well as liver cirrhosis by 24 years of age. Sedentariness also significantly increased liver enzymes. However, each additional half hour of light physical activity (LPA) beyond three hours per day reduced the risk of severe fatty liver disease by 33 percent. The results were highlighted in an ENDO 2024 press release and press conference on paediatric health, a video of which can be watched below. Agbaje’s presentation starts at the 9th minute.