National influencer

The University of Eastern Finland is networked with the most central national and international actors representing its areas of expertise. Our regional impact is based on internationally recognised teaching, research and development activities.

We are an integral part of the regional research, development and innovation system. We engage in cooperation with trade and industry, state research institutes, polytechnics and public administration agencies. With its collaborative networks, the University of Eastern Finland constitutes a significant competence cluster, which combines excellence in research, education and business.

Other actors in our regional collaborative network include Joensuu Science Park, Kuopio Science Park, Savonlinna Innovation Centre, regional development companies, chambers of commerce and enterprise agencies.

Support for lifelong learning constitutes a significant part of our regional impact. The Centre for Training and Development, Aducate, is responsible for providing adult education in collaboration with the other units of the university. In addition to continuing education, the operations of Aducate encompass educational and development projects aiming to enhance the regional development of eastern Finland.

We make use of research-based knowledge in the provision of various research and expert services, e.g., in product development and commissioned research services offered for companies. The innovations created in research enable the emergence of academically oriented business and employment opportunities, which attract both domestic and international companies in eastern Finland.

The University of Eastern Finland is known as a partner who takes the initiative and as an influential participant in the social dialogue. We engage in close cooperation with various research institutes and business and industry. Our researchers are active in producing data to support societal decision-making, and they participate in the work of several discipline- and field-specific working groups. The national-level nutrition guidelines and research addressing disadvantage in Finland are examples of this.

Our researchers are also influential in national and international scientific organisations in their fields, in editorial boards of scientific journals, as peer reviewers, and as experts of instances providing funding for research.
There is a need for makers of science and experts also in the future. Together with our partners, we organise scientific activities aimed at children and youngsters. We are also one of the organisers of the science and technology festival SciFest, bringing scientific phenomena within the grasp of hundreds of school children every year. The Science Forum held every second year, on the other hand, showcases the work of our researchers to the general public.

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