Higher education development projects at the University of Eastern Finland

The University of Eastern Finland is the coordinator of one nationwide higher education development project, i.e. the DigiCampus project, and a partner in 16 others.

The Ministry of Education and Culture has organised two calls for applications for special discretionary government transfers granted to projects that support the development of higher education. The higher education development projects are nationwide, involving and making the project outcomes available to all Finnish higher education institutions.

The objective of the special discretionary government transfers is to enhance the quality of higher education and to facilitate transitions between different levels of education.

More information:

Ministry of Education and Culture website for higher education development projects

UEF secures significant funding for development of digital learning environments (News release, 26 April 2018)

UEF participates in the following projects in 2018–2020:

DigiCampus – A shared digital learning environment, pedagogy and services for higher education institutions (University of Eastern Finland, IT Services) 

KIVAKO – Improving language resources in higher education institutions (Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences)

Intelligent learning environments and their content production (Aalto University)

SOTE-PEDA 24/7 (Laurea University of Applied Sciences)  

Multidisciplinary digital learning in sustainability challenges – flexible study paths to working life (University of Helsinki) 

MEDigi  – Digitalisation and harmonisation of teaching in medical fields (University of Oulu) 

AnalytiikkaÄly: Learning analytics to support studies, guidance and leadership at universities (University of Oulu) 

Working life pedagogics in higher education – Expertise, agency and working life skills (University of Jyväskylä)

Another route to university (University of Jyväskylä)

Flexible paths towards working life – Development of educational cooperation in the biomedical and medical fields (Jobitti) (University of Turku)

Multidisciplinary and working life-oriented development of education in palliative care and medicine (Kajaani University of Applied Sciences)

UEF participates in the following projects in 2017-2019:

Reform of the university admissions system (University of Helsinki) 

Developing cross-institutional studies (University of Tampere)

Building up the pedagogical and digital teaching and guidance competence of higher education institution staff (University of Turku)

OHO! - Promoting ability to study, well-being and inclusion in higher education (University of Jyväskylä)

DIGI-JOUJOU - Flexible learning of Finnish and Swedish and guidance for future labour market needs (Aalto University)

LITO - A national online study unit on business skills (University of Turku)