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Impact of the war in Ukraine on UEF

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Professors’ inaugural lectures at the University of Eastern Finland 2022, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

  • Public lecture
  • Academic community
  • Economy and society
  • Languages and cultures
  • Environment and natural resources
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The inaugural lectures given by newly appointed professors of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies online on Thursday, 19 May 2022.


  • Welcoming words, Rector
  • Professor Honglin Chen, Gerontological Social Work: The clinical trial of nonpharmacological intervention approach for MCI older adults and their caregivers in China.
  • Professor Eerika Finell, sosiaalipsykologia: Kunnioituksen sosiaalipsykologia.
  • Professor Olga Davydova-Minguet, Venäjä- ja rajatutkimus: Maahanmuutto, transnationaali muisti ja sota.
  • Professor Inari Sakki, sosiaalipsykologia: Yhteiskunnallinen sosiaalipsykologia.
  • Professor Arto O. Salonen, sosiaalipedagogiikka, erityisesti kestävä hyvinvointi: Kohti planetaarista kansalaisuutta.

All professors giving inaugural lectures in English in 2022: interviews and video links.