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DrugTech Research Community Seminar

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Welcome to a seminar series´ webinar organized by the multi-disciplinary research community Drug Discovery and Delivery (DrugTech) at the University of Eastern Finland.

Professor Mikhail Krasavin, Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg State University, Institute of Chemistry will give a talk on the title Medicinal chemistry applications of diazo compounds - selected examples.

Welcome and concluding remarks by Chairman, Professor Arto Urtti, School of Pharmacy, University of Eastern Finland. No registration required.

The Krasavin group was originally established in the Chemical Diversity Research Institute in Khimki-Moscow. Since 2014, after two years at the Eskitis Institute for Drug Discovery (Griffith University) in Brisbane, Australia (2011–2013), the group is based in at the Institute of Chemistry (organic chemistry division) of Saint Petersburg State University.

In addition to the core synthetic team based in Saint Petersburg, the group incoporates synthetic chemists stationed in Yaroslavl (The Ushinsky Pedagogical State University) and Moscow (The Lomonosov State University of Fine Chemical Technology).

The main interest of his group is in creating, using the so-called small molecules, new chemical tools for interrogation and functional regulation of either specific components of a living cell or a cell as a whole. Their research is, therefore, interdisciplinary and they aim to maintain strong focus on practical outcomes, be it a novel, biologically characterized set of compounds or, ideally, a prospective drug candidate. The biologically active compounds that they create, primarily on the basis of heterocyclic scaffold, can be of significant use as:

  • Novel tool compounds for studying the fundamental biological mechanisms
  • Drug leads

They have a significant experience working in and liaising with the pharmaceutical industry sector and they use this asset to direct their efforts toward the patentable chemical series that carry a sufficient level of pharmacological characterization to enable further preclinical development.

Recent publications:


Nayebzadeh, B.; Amiri, K.; Khosravi, H.; Mirzaei, S.; Rominger, F.; Dar’in, D.; Krasavin, M.; Bijanzadeh, H. R.; Balalaie, S. Synthesis of Spiro[chromene-imidazo[1,2-a]pyridin]-3'-imines via 6-exo-dig Cyclization Reaction. J. Org. Chem. 2021, accepted 08.09.2021


Inyutina, A.; Kantin, G.; Dar´in, D.; Krasavin, M. Diastereoselective Formal [5+2] Cycloaddition of Diazo Arylidene Succinimides-Derived Rhodium Carbenes and Aldehydes: A Route to 2-Benzoxepines. J. Org. Chem., accepted 01.09.2021


Bubyrev, A.; Adamchik, M.; Dar´in, D.; Kantin, G.; Krasavin, M. Metal-Free Three-Component Synthesis of 1,2,3-Triazoline-4-Sulfonamides. J. Org. Chem., accepted 30.08.2021