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Advanced magnetic resonance imaging methods for assessment of microstructure, metabolism and function

19th Kuopio Bio-MRI workshop
  • Conference
  • Health and well-being
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Novapolis, Microteknia 1 A and online
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Microkatu 1, 70210 Kuopio
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This 3-day workshop and post-graduate course introduces cutting-edge techniques in microstructural, metabolic and functional imaging, with each of the three days dedicated to one of these focus areas. 19th Kuopio Bio-MRI workshop takes place 31 May–2 June 2022 at University of Eastern Finland on Kuopio campus. All our speakers are internationally renowned and are on-site in the workshop. Our program allows lots of opportunities for interaction, and therefore on-site participation is highly recommended even though workshop is organized in hybrid format allowing also to follow lectures on-line.

Please see further information, programme and register by 16 May in the address

Course secretary Tiia Turunen, email