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Coronavirus situation at the University of Eastern Finland


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Fagerlund, Ilkka

Early Stage Researcher

Profile picture: Alicja Fajfer

Fajfer, Alicja

Project Researcher

Fält, Pauli

Fatemi, Masoud

Early Stage Researcher

Fauch, Laure


Fayoyiwa, Aderemi Deborah

Early Stage Researcher

Profile picture: Milena Fayt

Fayt, Milena

Research Funding Coordinator

Profile picture: Philippe Fayt

Fayt, Philippe

Visiting Researcher

Fazaludeen, Mohammad Feroze

Early Stage Researcher

Federley, Petri


Fedotova, Elena

Classroom Assistant

Feijo Barreira, Luis

Profile picture: Szabolcs Felszeghy

Felszeghy, Szabolcs

University Teacher

Profile picture: Marina Fetisova

Fetisova, Marina

Early Stage Researcher

Figueras, Katja


Profile picture: Markku Filppula

Filppula, Markku

Professor, Emeritus

Profile picture: Mika Flinkman

Flinkman, Mika

Postdoctoral Researcher

Forsberg, Dag

Porter, Agora, Library, Educa, Taitola

Forsberg, Hannele

University Lecturer