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Coronavirus situation at the University of Eastern Finland


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Cai, Chenyang

Early stage researcher

Profile picture: Anni Calcara

Calcara, Anni

Early Stage Researcher

Calcara, Giulio

University Teacher

Cappellano, Francesco

Postdoctoral Researcher

Profile picture: Janne Capra

Capra, Janne

Project Researcher

Profile picture: Carsten Carlberg

Carlberg, Carsten


Profile picture: Victor Carrasco Navarro

Carrasco Navarro, Victor

Project Researcher

Castrén, Anna-Maija

Associate Professor

Profile picture: Elli Cederberg

Cederberg, Elli

Academic Affairs Coordinator

Chakkaradhari, Gomathy

Nuorempi tutkija

Profile picture: Philip Chambers

Chambers, Philip

Early Stage Researcher

Chen, Honglin


Profile picture: Sylvie Chetty

Chetty, Sylvie Kamala


Profile picture: Sweelin Chew

Chew, Sweelin

Postdoctoral Researcher

Profile picture: Marta Choroszewicz

Choroszewicz, Marta

Senior Researcher

Profile picture: Gulraiz Iqbal Choudhary

Choudhary, Gulraiz Iqbal

Early Stage Researcher

Cirkociv, Elena

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ciszek, Robert

Project Researcher