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Working, studying and communicable diseases in the university’s facilities

Communicable diseases refer to respiratory infections, various poxes and stomach flu, for example. 

You may work on campus only when you are healthy. If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection or, for example, stomach flu, stay home. Contact your supervisor or teacher responsible for your course about your absence from work or, if your condition allows, about your switch to remote work.

Returning to campus after illness:

If your infection is not caused by the coronavirus, you can return to the campus once your symptoms have subsided and your coronavirus test (e.g., an at-home test) is negative. 

After a positive coronavirus test, you can return to the campus when you are without symptoms or when your doctor has given you permission to return.

Being without symptoms means, according to THL’s definition that you have no fever and the other symptoms are clearly in decline. If the only symptom is a change in your sense of smell or taste or an irritative cough, there is no need to continue isolation.