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Preparing for power outages at UEF

Peli. Kuva Ville Hautamäki.

One of the tasks to be completed, i.e., creating a waterfall.

UEF’s and Bielefeld University’s joint UniTeam came in second in an international AI competition

Organised by AICrowd, the MineRL BASALT competition took place in December last year at the NeurIPS 2022 conference, where the teams presented their work. The competition organisers didn’t announce the winners until on 7 March 2023. 

Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland’s School of Computing participated in the competition together with a research group from Bielefeld University in Germany, entering under the name UniTeam. The research group at the University of Eastern Finland has been participating in Minecraft-based AI competitions since 2019. 

“The competition platform is the Minecraft game. A wider theme of competition pertains to how we can teach Al systems to perform tasks in situations where the task cannot be defined with mathematical precision. We also want to ensure that the Al system doesn’t – for one reason or another – to anything else than the task it has been given,” Associate Professor Ville Hautamäki says.

“We came in second and won a prize of 4,000 US dollars, as well as a 2,000 US dollar prize for the research merits of our work. The participation of my research group in this competition is linked to a mobility project with Bielefeld University, funded by the Academy of Finland. Our German partner received similar funding from DAAD to visit our university.”

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