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Impact of the war in Ukraine on UEF

Lobby in Snellmania building, Kuopio campus.

Two new Academy Research Fellows, three new Postdoctoral Researchers in culture and society at UEF

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Culture and Society granted, on 4 May, funding for 23 new posts as Academy Research Fellow.

At the University of Eastern Finland, Academy Research Fellow funding was granted to Docent Taija Kaarlenkaski, PhD, and Heta Tuominen, Doctor of Education. They both secured 447,650 euros for their projects.

Taija Kaarlenkaski studies changes in the meanings and practices related to milk and dairy farming in Finland from the 1950s to the present day. For decades now, Finns have consumed one of the highest amounts of milk per capita in the world. Milk and beef production has played a significant role in the Finnish agricultural sector. However, during the past decade, the discussion on milk and dairy farming has turned more critical as research has shown that industrial milk production is a significant source of carbon emissions and environmental problems, and as awareness of animal welfare issues has increased among consumers. Kaarlenkaski aims to produce historically grounded new knowledge that can be utilised in the scientific and societal discussion on changing agricultural and eating practices as well as identities related to these issues.

Heta Tuominen examines the developmental and situational dynamics between students’ motivation, perfectionism, and academic well-being across upper secondary education, and considers the role of student welfare in supporting students' learning and well-being. A four-year longitudinal data on the development of students’ motivation, perfectionism, and academic well-being will be collected and complemented with city- and school-level information on student welfare, and in-the-moment measures of students’ situational motivation and emotions (i.e., experience sampling data). The theoretically integrative perspective and the project design enable us to uncover motivational dynamics that contribute to student well-being, both longitudinally and situationally. The knowledge and understanding yielded will be topical in the current societal situation and important for developing student welfare.

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Culture and Society allocated funding for 29 new posts as Postdoctoral Researcher. At the University of Eastern Finland, Postdoctoral Researcher funding was granted to Annukka Lahti, Samuli Kaislaniemi and Subhanjan Sengupta.

Annukka Lahti’s project explores separations and problems in lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ+) people’s relationships. The study will be carried out in various towns in Finland and in the UK.

Samuli Kaislaniemi’s project investigates material practices of letter-writing in 17th-century England by combining archival research on manuscript letters with resources and quantitative methods from historical sociolinguistics. The results reveal a previously invisible source that will benefit all historical studies that use letters.

Subhanjan Sengupta’s project generates new information on how to create a socially inclusive circular economy. The study looks at how micro-entrepreneurship opportunities can be created in circular economy by sustainable enterprises for self-employment and participation of the vulnerable and marginalized people in circular economy.

Source: Academy of Finland