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Karelian language student Filo Humis Agora Joensuun

“This takes courage and creativity!” – Students are coining new words for the Karelian language

When revitalising a language, keeping its vocabulary up with the times is important.

Karjalankielen opettajat filo hum
Teachers of the Karelian language Susanna Tavi (on the left), Natalia Giloeva and Milla Tynnyrinen are delighted to have such an exceptionally active group on their vocabulary course.

In Finnish, some words are tied to gender. In Karelian, we can now come up with equivalents that are readily gender neutral.

Milla Tynnyrinen

Coordinator of the Karelian language revitalisation project

Karjalankielen opiskelijat Filo Humis Agora Joensuun
Elena Rapa and Hannu Lappalainen are involved in creating new vocabulary for the Karelian language.