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Vakoisia ympyröitä vaalealla taustalla

The Policy for the Open Education and Educational Resources has been published in its entirety on August 23, 2022

What is new in the policy is the policy component of open educational practices?

The policy component of open educational practices focuses on practices that make learning and teaching transparent, shareable and further processed. The aim of the policy component is to increase the quantity and quality of open learning materials for higher education institutions, and to make Finland a forerunner in open learning materials at higher education level.

In addition, the policy component aims to promote open learning and teaching practices so that open learning opportunities increase and become an important part of the societal interaction of higher education institutions.

The whole policy of Open education and educational resources can be found on the Open Science website, which also contains other national guidelines for Open Science and Research in Finland.

Open learning materials can be searched for and found at the National Finna Open educational resources and Library of Open Educational Resources (AOE).