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Nainen tarkastelee T-paitaa aistilabrassa.

Research on consumer behaviour through all senses

The new SenseLab at the University of Eastern Finland opens up new opportunities for research into consumer behaviour in a multisensory research environment.

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In a genuine commercial environment, studying sensory stimuli and their combinations is challenging and takes time.

Tommi Laukkanen

Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

Tommi Laukkanen, Nino Ruusunen ja Heli Hallikainen aistilabrassa.
Tommi Laukkanen, Nino Ruusunen and Heli Hallikainen.

If a brand succeeds in creating a unique sensory identity, it can strengthen the brand’s market position.

Nino Ruusunen

Doctoral Researcher

It is particularly important for the laboratory that it is possible to utilise various sensory stimuli both in the real world and by using immersive VR equipment.

Heli Hallikainen

Assistant Professor