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Pollen may contain twice as much allergens in the future

The pollen season is here, again. With our climate getting warmer in the future, what can we expect in terms of pollen? In their search for answers to this question, researchers are looking not only at the present and the future, but also into the past.

  • Text Marianne Mustonen
  • Photos Raija Törrönen and Mostphotos
Marjut Ropponen.
In the photo: Marjut Roponen.
In the photo: It takes about one month to cultivate the inserts, and their use in research is expensive. Due to the high price, a small number of tissues was first used for preliminary experiments.

An increase in allergies will mean an increase in pharmaceutical costs and sick leaves.

Marjut Roponen


Research group.
In the photo: Miisa Kankaanpää, Maria Martikainen, Marjut Roponen and Tarleena Tossavainen.