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Measuring equipment in a car cabin.

Particulate matter emissions from new cars under examination

Earlier this year, a comprehensive measurement campaign was conducted in the ILMARI laboratory on the Kuopio Campus to study particulate matter and ultrafine particle emissions from modern cars. This time, the focus was on new passenger vehicles running on diesel, gasoline and natural gas.

  • Text Marianne Mustonen
  • Photos Raija Törrönen
Olli Sippula, Pasi Jalava and Anni Hartikainen in a laboratory.
Olli Sippula, Pasi Jalava and Anni Hartikainen in the photo.
Anni Hartikainen in a laboratoty.
Anni Hartikainen in the photo.
Johannes Becher in a laboratory.
Johannes Becker in the photo.

We want to find out which particles and particulate components are especially harmful, and how the aging of emissions in the atmosphere affects their toxicity.

Johannes Becker


Measurement equipment of vehicle exhaust emissions.
Exhaust gas measurements in the ILMARI laboratory.