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Children playing.

Making different worldviews and religions part of education

The world is becoming more and more globalised, and our society increasingly multicultural. We have already learned to be fluent in our encounters with people speaking a different language, coming from a different culture or having a different skin colour.  However, encountering and addressing different religions is still hard for us. Perhaps the next generation will learn to be more open towards different worldviews?

  • Text Nina Venhe | Photos Varpu Heiskanen and Mostphotos, graphics Bettiina Lievonen

In the past, early childhood education was very Christianity-oriented, so taking into account the diversity of worldviews is a major change. 

Ismo Pellikka

Senior lecturer

Pellikka Ismo ja Ubani Martin.
Ismo Pellikka (on the left) and Martin Ubani point out that children don’t make value judgements about each other's worldviews or religion. What matters to them is good friends to play with.
Teacher and child.
Religions in Finland in numbers.
Religions in Finland. Source: Statistics Finland.

Even small children are often interested in matters relating to worldviews. It is good to send them a message that they are in a safe space to talk about things that determine our life.

Martin Ubani