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Impact of the war in Ukraine on UEF

Logo of University of Eastern Finland.

Kasvu environmental artwork in the Länsikatu-Siltakatu roundabout is built in collaboration between the City of Joensuu and UEF

The City of Joensuu and the University of Eastern Finland have jointly commissioned an environmental artwork for the Länsikatu-Siltakatu roundabout. The name of the unique piece to be built in the roundabout is Kasvu (‘growth’). The wooden piece consists of several components and forms the logo of the University of Eastern Finland when looked at from certain directions.

Designer Sakari Hartikainen is responsible for the final creative design of the piece. The piece will be manufactured by Puuartisti Oy, with Creative Director Miikka Kotilainen responsible for structural and environmental design. Bettiina Lievonen, who works as a graphic designer at the University of Eastern Finland, has made the initial sketch for the piece.

The main contractor of the foundation and planting work is Savon Kuljetus Oy. The project has already begun and will continue until 12 August. The piece will be installed in the second week of August. The project does not cause any changes to traffic arrangements.

Kasvu illustrates the importance of the university for Joensuu, and it also serves as a landmark for the university. The lighting used in Kasvu is neutral white, but it can be illuminated with the colours of the University of Eastern Finland on the university’s theme and celebration days. Plants and flowers will also be planted in the roundabout.

“It is great that the university was given the opportunity to participate in the planning of the roundabout, which is located right next to our campus. Kasvu describes and symbolises the university from a variety of perspectives,” Director of Facilities Management Tarja Harjula from the University of Eastern Finland says.

Kasvu will be 4.5 metres high and made of Accoya, i.e., vinegar-treated Radiata pine, which is non-toxic, highly weather-resistant and maintenance-free wood.

“The organic design language used in Kasvu emphasises the importance of biodiversity, just like the university provides a multidisciplinary and safe environment that supports the growth of the individual on their own path. In the piece, we can see each individual’s own direction and the importance of the community, which together form the university's multidisciplinary entity,” Designer Sakari Hartikainen says.

“We wanted to bring natural forms to the cityscape and to use natural wood material as much as possible. It is great to participate in a collaborative project as a result of which a piece made of solid wood gets to be in such a prominent place in people’s everyday lives,” Creative Director Miikka Kotilainen says.

The City of Joensuu has a long experience of environmental art in roundabouts. Some pieces have been done by the city itself, others in cooperation with external partners.

“With regard to the current roundabout, collaboration with the university has been smooth and the outcome will be one of the best in the city,” City Engineer Tero Toivanen says.

For further information, please contact:

Director of Facilities Management Tarja Harjula, University of Eastern Finland, tel. +358 50 331 0736

City Engineer Tero Toivanen, City of Joensuu, tel. +358 50 310 9779

Creative Director Miikka Kotilainen, Puuartisti Oy, tel. +358 50 569 0581