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Jussi Pihlajamäki.

Jussi Pihlajamäki elected as Vice Rector for Research of University of Eastern Finland – Vice Rector for Education will be elected in June

The Board of the University of Eastern Finland has elected the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, MD Jussi Pihlajamäki, as the Vice Rector for Research.

The Board made its decision based on the overall assessment and comparison of the applicants at a meeting held on 29 May 2024. The Board attached particular importance to the views of the person to be appointed as Vice Rector for Research on the development and reforming of the university, in particular its research activities, on regional, national and international levels. 

In addition, Pihlajamäki’s ability to perceive the university’s research activities as a whole, experience in higher education and science policy, and diverse stakeholder and cooperation networks were emphasised in the selection.

Jussi Pihlajamäki, b. 1969, has acted as Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences since 2018. He worked as Professor of Clinical Nutrition in 2010–2017 and, in this connection, as Chief Physician of the Clinical Nutrition Unit of the Kuopio University Hospital.

Pihlajamäki's key research interests are the factors underlying fatty liver disease and type 2 diabetes, and, in particular, the prevention and treatment of these diseases through a healthy lifestyle.

Pihlajamäki has worked as a researcher in Finland and the USA, and as a research leader in several national and international research projects. He has also coordinated multidisciplinary projects related to health promotion together with several stakeholders. He acted as a professor member of the Board of the University of Eastern Finland in 2014–2017.

Pihlajamäki holds a doctoral degree in medicine and a specialist degree in internal medicine. He completed his medical studies at the universities of Helsinki and Kuopio, and as an exchange student in Germany.

- I look forward to creating better conditions for our researchers to rise to the top of their field. Based on multidisciplinary expertise, we can be pioneers in creating completely new solutions to national and global challenges. I see closer cooperation with society, the business and industrial sector, and our international partners as an important resource, says Pihlajamäki.

Vice Rector for Education will be elected in June

The Vice Rector for Education will be elected from among three top candidates: Vice Dean of the Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology, Professor of Computer Science, PhD Markku Hauta-Kasari, Vice Dean of the Philosophical Faculty, Professor of Educational Sciences, DEd Laura Hirsto and Professor of Logopedics, PhD Marja Laasonen.

The UEF Board will interview the top candidates on 12 June and the selection will be made on 13 June 2024.

Further information:

Chair of the UEF Board Lea Ryynänen-Karjalainen, tel. +358 50 337 8712