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Naturan aulassa Jussi Hyvärinen.

In Jussi Hyvärinen’s latest collection of poetry, a chain of associations goes back and forth for millennia, from the roots, myths and cultural history of humanity to familiar and everyday experiences of nature and Finnishness.

Jussi Hyvärinen’s work is fuelled by science and art

Jussi Hyvärinen, a library information specialist and an award-winning poet, understands the languages of science and art.

  • Text Risto Löf | Photos Niko Jouhkimainen

The mentality of people eastern Finland resembles life and culture in northern Russia. We both enjoy spending time in the woods, fishing, picking mushrooms and bathing in a sauna. When I learnt Russian, I noticed that the eastern Finnish dialects share features with the Russian language. Interaction between the cultures has been deeper than we think.

Jussi Hyvärinen

Library information specialist, poet

Naturan aulassa Jussi Hyvärinen.