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Hybrid meeting on VR-haptic dental education on 28 November 2023

The Institute of Dentistry at the University of Eastern Finland will host a one-day hybrid meeting on VR-haptic dental education on the Kuopio Campus on 28 November 2023. The sessions will feature presentations by experts from all over the world.

Digital-haptic simulators have seen rapid growth over the past years, and a further increase in the use of training modules involving such simulators is likely to occur in the dental curriculum. The event will also focus on how to mitigate the potential difficulties in VR-haptic dental education, and it also offers user perspectives on current challenges in the field of VR-haptic training.

The keynote speakers are Steven P. Engebretson from New York University and Marjoke M Vervoorn from the University of Amsterdam.

Further information is available on the event website at