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Young man playing a computer game.

Gaming and group activities boost life management skills among young people at risk of social exclusion

Digital gaming is becoming more and more popular among young people. Researchers at the University of Eastern Finland are currently studying whether group-based digital gaming can improve the prospects, well-being and life management of young people at risk of social exclusion in the North Savo region.

This can boost young people’s confidence in seeing gaming as something more than just a pastime

Riitta Vornanen


Riitta Vornanen.

Gaming streamers and e-athletes are today’s role models for young people.

Paavo Vartiainen

Postdoctoral Researcher

Paavo Vartiainen.

Heart rate variability is an objective indicator of the body’s overall burden and recovery.

Mika Tarvainen

Senior Researcher

Mika Tarvainen.

It is interesting to see what ‘extra’ relations forged in digital gaming bring to young people’s social relations in general.

Siiri-Liisi Kraav

Postdoctoral Researcher

Siiri-Liisi Kraav.
Four persons in a group photo.
Siiri-Liisi Kraav, Riitta Vornanen, Paavo Vartiainen and Pasi Karjalainen are testing a driving simulator at the HUMEA Lab.