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Finnic Phonetics Symposium brings experts of speech sciences and speech technology to Joensuu on 25–26 August 

Speech is not only the most important form of communication between people, but also a fundamental right – regardless of one’s background. Held on the Joensuu Campus of the University of Eastern Finland on 25–26 August, the Finnic Phonetics Symposium brings together a range of experts of speech sciences and speech technology from all over Finland and abroad. The theme of the symposium is Speech for All. 

The symposium will feature 35 presentations ranging from case studies addressing the phonetics of endangered languages to corpus linguistics, from speech synthesis to computer-assisted teaching of pronunciation, and from children’s language learning to articulation and prosody. The presentations will discuss, for example, how the prosody of speech, i.e., its tempo, clarity and intonation, changes in early Alzheimer’s disease, and what kind of prosodic features reveal deception in calls received by the emergency response centre. In addition, the symposium features presentations on the adoption and learning of the sounds of a foreign language. The programme also includes one invited presentation to be given by Professor Mathias Walther (Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences, Germany), sharing his experiences on, e.g., technology transfer in speech technology.

The Finnic Phonetics Symposium is now held for the 35th time. The symposium is organised in collaboration between the School of Humanities and the School of Computing, thus offering an interdisciplinary perspective to phonetics. 

The symposium website and more detailed programme

For further information, please contact:
University Lecturer, Chair of the Organising Committee, Alexandre Nikolaev, alexander.nikolaev(at), tel. +358 50 471 1565