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Santeri Örn running.

Fifteen UEF students to compete in the Kaleva Games

The University of Eastern Finland is a partner of the Kaleva Games taking place in Joensuu on 4–7 August 2022. Held on the central stadium just a stone’s throw away from the Joensuu Campus, the Finnish Athletic Championships, known as the Kaleva Games, bring together the best athletes in Finland, including 15 students from the University of Eastern Finland.

One of the participants is business student and sprinter Santeri Örn.

“I’m very happy about competing in the Kaleva Games – after all, this is my home turf and I’m sure I’ll be a bit more focused than when competing elsewhere. I’ve been living and studying in Joensuu for three years now. Joensuu offers excellent opportunities for combining education and sports. In my opinion, the Joensuu Sports Academy offers just the right kind of support for simultaneous and balanced development of both careers, the academic and the athletic one.”

The University of Eastern Finland works in close collaboration with the Joensuu and Kuopio Sports Academies. The Sports Academies enable students to combine elite sports with higher education. Tarmo Koivuranta, Academy Coordinator at the Joensuu Sports Academy, is eagerly looking forward to the games this weekend.

“It is great that the Kaleva Games will be held in Joensuu again, after 20 years. Excellent and easily accessible training facilities, short distances, and smooth collaboration between the region’s educational institutions and athletics clubs have enabled the creation of a high-level package to invest in promoting dual careers in Joensuu.”

University of Eastern Finland students competing in the Kaleva Games:

Mikko Hirvonen, educational science (3000 m hurdles)
Taneli Juutinen, health promotion (javelin throw)
Silja Kempas, study guidance and career counselling (100 m and 200 m)
Helmi Kortetmaa, social psychology (200 m)
Salla Laukkanen, business studies (3000 m hurdles)
Saara Lipsanen, Finnish language and literature (javelin throw)
Simo Lipsanen, forest sciences (triple jump)
Veera Mensonen, medicine (800 m and 1500 m)
Kia Paanila, law (200 m)
Henriikka Parpala, educational science (100 m)
Juho Pirskanen, computer science (400 m)
Panu Tirkkonen, educational science (shot put)
Taija Tirkkonen, educational science (discus throw)
Arttu Tyystjärvi, social sciences (triple jump)
Santeri Örn, business studies (100 m and 200 m)

In addition, Elisa Neuvonen, who graduated as a doctor of medicine in the spring, will compete in the 10 km race walk.

The University of Eastern Finland and the Joensuu Sports Academy will also set up an event booth by the central stadium, in association with the Joensuu as a Sports City project coordinated by the City of Joensuu. The programme offered at the event booth includes, for example, interviews with different athletes and presentations of the sports opportunities available at the Joensuu Sports Academy and in the City of Joensuu. In addition, a “sweat agent” from the City of Joensuu helps people to find new hobbies. On Saturday, a UEF Ambassador from the field of nutrition is available to talk to visitors at the booth. The booths on the market square are open from Friday to Sunday at 11–17.

Students will get a five-euro discount on both 1-day and 3-day tickets to the Kaleva Games.

More information about the games is available on the Kaleva Games website (in Finnish).

Photo: Santeri Örn in the photo, photographer SUL/Anssi Mäkinen.