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Corporate social responsibility calls for both legislation and voluntary action

Regulating corporate social responsibility would lead to products and services that ethically more sustainable, but solving the equation of free trade and responsibility requires finding answers to difficult questions, Doctoral Researcher Juho Saloranta says.

  • Text Risto Löf | Photos Mostphotos, Juho Saloranta

Responsibility has gained more footing, but not as much as companies’ role in our society. For instance, Google and Facebook already exercise more power than small nations.

Juho Saloranta

Doctoral Researcher

Crammed factories are good breeding ground for infectious diseases. If companies paid attention to their employees’ working conditions, they could increase their productivity and profitability.

Yritysvastuuoikeuden yhdistyksen hallitus esiintyy ryhmäkuvassa. Kuvassa on mukana jutussa haastateltu väitöskirjatutkija Juho Saloranta.
Finnish Corporate Responsibility Law Association board members in the photo: Merja Pentikäinen (top right), Anna Kuusniemi-Laine, Michael Ristaniemi, Casper Herler, Juho Saloranta (bottom right), Nicole Ekman and Lia Heasman.