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Zheng Yu taking measurements on peatland field.

A sunny or a cloudy weather is required for the measurements. After the morning mist dissolves, Doctoral Researcher Zheng Yu's work can continue.

A balance between agriculture and emissions can be found by managing the water table level of peat soils

The mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture is one step in Finland's way towards carbon neutrality.  In agriculture, emissions are released by animals and soil. Researchers and decision-makers are particularly interested in peat soils.

  • Text, video, podcast Marianne Mustonen
  • Photos Raija Törrönen

Raising the water table level on the scale of a field is challenging.

Saara Lind

Researcher, Natural Resources Institute Finland

Saara Lind.
Researcher Saara Lind
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However, it may cause methane emissions.

Zheng Yu

Doctoral Researcher, University of Eastern Finland

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Measuring equipment on peatland field.
Saara Lind and Zheng Yu
Dew on peatland field.