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Professor Diane Reay: A Transclass view on Social Mobility

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Joensuun kampus, Metria-rakennus, sali M102, sekä verkossa
Yliopistokatu 7
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Honorary Doctor at the University of Eastern Finland, Professor Diane Reay from the University of Cambridge will give a talk on the title “A Transclass view on Social Mobility” on 5 June starting at 14:00.

The lecture can be followed on-site in Metria building or on-line.  

Please register by 31 May. A link to participate via a remote connection will be sent by email. Welcome!

Diane Reay is an educational sociologist whose research addresses and theorises how social class, gender and ethnic background are associated with how people end up on different educational paths and succeed on them. Employing the perspective of social justice, Reay has examined how educational opportunities do not emerge equally for everyone, but the differentiation of educational systems and social inequality play a significant role in how educational paths are formed.

For further information, please connect Sonja Kosunen, email sonja.kosunen@uef.fi.