Fire or chemical accident

In the event of a fire

Evacuate yourself and others in danger. Pay particular attention to the evacuation of those with difficulties to move or act.


Press the button in the fire alarm station (they are located in the corridors and indicated with a sign). If you are not near a button, ask someone else to activate the alarm.

  • Make an emergency call to 112.
  • Call the porters' on-call number.  

Extinguish the fire, if possible.
However, do not put yourself at risk.
Prevent the spreading of the fire.
Close doors and windows.

When you are leaving the building:

  • Lock your computer and close office doors and windows, if possible.
  • Take your personal valuables and clothes you can wear outside with you, if possible.
  • Follow the instructions given by members of the university's safety and security organisation.
  • It is prohibited to use an elevator in the event of a fire.
  • Go to your nearest assembly point , where you will be given further instructions.


  • In the event of an accident, contact the rescue authorities.
  • Report the accident to the Occupational Health and Safety Officer (Joensuu Campus: Heikki Loikkanen, Kuopio Campus: Olli Siitonen).