How to get a
library card?

Where to
find a book?        
Where to
find a journal
or an article?
How long
can I keep
a book?
All books are
borrowed or
not here. Help!
What costs
When is the
library open?
   Library 24/7? Group work
at the library?
Using library
from home?
Does the
library have
Can I print?

Stay tuned and
stay on track?

How to reach
a librarian?
Where do I
get help?
Where can I
give feedback?


  How to get a library card?

You can get a library card by filling out this online form.
When your library card is ready to be picked up, you will receive an e-mail.
Come to pick up your card at your library with a photo ID.

When you have received your library card, connect it to your UEF Finna account. See video.

Always have your library card with you when you want to borrow print materials.


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Where to find a book?

Both print and electronic books can be found in the search service UEF Finna.
You can search for a book by its title, author or words describing the topic.
UEF Finna's location guide tells you in which bookshelf you can find the book. See video "How to find a book".

E-book instructions


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Where to find a journal or an article?

Course requirements may also include articles. Learn how to recognise journal article references and when to search by journal title and when by article title or author.

Both print and electronic journals can be found by the journal title in the search service UEF Finna.
You can find an article via UEF Finna by selecting the "Search on international e-resources" tab.
See video: Basic searches on the UEF-Finna

Remember to log in to UEF Finna with your UEF credentials to get access to the electronic resources. Not all material published online is automatically at the university’s disposal. Check the availability.

Usually it is also worthwhile to search with Google. Additionally, articles can be searched via the discipline-specific databases. Check the most important databases in your discipline.


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How long can I keep a book?

Loan period for course books is two weeks, four weeks for other books.

Reading room copies can be borrowed overnight or for the weekend.

Legal deposit copies are available for reading room use within the library’s premises. The loan period for a legal deposit copy is four weeks but you cannot take the book home. The delivery time is 2-7 days.

E-books have varying loan periods. In most cases, e-book download is only a loan.

You can renew your loans a maximum of 10 times. You can convenietly renew your loans in UEF Finna. See video.
If the book has a reservation on it, it cannot be renewed.


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All books are borrowed or not here. Help!

Library’s books travel between the campuses.
If a book you desire has been borrowed, make a reservation (request) on it.  If a book you desire is on the bookshelf at the other campus, make a shelf-fetch request on it.
If a book you desire is on the bookshelf at your own library, the shelf-fetch request is subject to a charge.

Reading room copies of course books can be borrowed overnight and over the weekend. Please notice that you cannot take legal deposit copies home. For more information, visit the library's home page.


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What costs what?

Borrowing books, making reservations and shelf-fetch requests from another campus are free of charge.

If a loan is overdue, the fee is 50 cents / book / day.
Any reservation or request left not picked up, as well as shelf-fetch requests from your own campus library are subject to a charge.
If the book is drenched in coffee or your dog eats it, you will have to compensate for it.

You can find more precise rates on the library's list of service fees.


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When is the library open?

You can find each library's opening hours on the library's home page.
The library is always open online.

You can find the library in the Carelia building in Joensuu, the Snellmania building and the Kuopio University Hospital in Kuopio. See more closely from the campus maps.


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Library 24/7?

In Joensuu, the students and staff can access the first floor facilites also outside the regular opening hours. More information on the library’s home page.
Applying for a personal access badge for the 24/7 facilities is done online. For an access badge, a deposit fee of 40 euros is collected.


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Group work spaces?

The library is your learning environment for the whole duration of your studies. At the library, you can find different kinds of spaces for working, studying and leisure.
You can book a group work room beforehand. See the library's home page for more instructions.


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 Working at the library?

You are never alone in the library. Take this into consideration, when you are working, studying or visiting the library.
In the library, there are spaces for conversations and socialising. There are also spaces that require silence and providing everyone peace for work.


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Using library from home?

The library's e-books, articles and databases can be remotely accessed via the UEF Finna using your UEF username and password. See video.
You can also renew your loans, pay your fees and make reservations and requests on books in the UEF Finna.

The library's home page helps you with many questions you may come up with.


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Does the library have computers? Can I print?

The library has computers. They cannot be reserved beforehand. The computer areas may at times be crowded, so be sure to follow the common rules for the computer areas. Remember that you can also find computer-equipped individual work spaces in other places on the campus.
For IT support, contact Oppari and the UEF IT Services.

In the library, you can print and copy documents by using your personal printing quota. You can also scan documents.
Open wireless network is free to use in the whole campus area.


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  Stay tuned and stay on track?

In December, the UEF Finna will give way to a new search service. You can stay up to date on that and other library news by following the Library News on the home page or UEF Library on Yammer.

In addition, the library will keep you informed through several other channels: Kamu, Tuudo, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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How to reach a librarian? Where do I get help?

You can reach a librarian in many ways.
Talk to one, ask in the online chat, e-mail or call.

If you need help and guidance in information retrieval, see the quick guide or discipline-specific services. For further guidance, visit Neuvola in Joensuu Campus Library or book an appointment with an Information Specialist.

For IT support, contact Oppari and the UEF IT Services.

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Where can I give feedback?

You can provide verbal feedback to the library staff or written feedback by filling an online form found on the home page.
All feedback will be processed. Easily fixed issues will be solved immediately. By leaving your contact information, your feedback will be replied to.

All feedback is welcome: thank or criticise!


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