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Workshop: Translational Research on Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Call for abstracts open until 30 April
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Kuopion kampus, Medistudia-rakennus, sali MS301
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The past decade has witnessed a revolution in our understanding of the intricate developmental interplay between microglia and neurons. Microglia play a crucial role in shaping the central nervous system, from the early stages of neurogenesis to the maturation of synapses and neural networks. Disruptions to this tightly regulated process, especially due to external factors like infections or environmental pollution during the highly sensitive periods of brain development, may compromise the delicate balance between brain excitation and inhibition. This imbalance could impact the continuum of clinical outcomes.

A workshop titled 'Translational Research on Neurodevelopmental Disorders', organised by the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) in collaboration with Kuopio Brain & Mind and Neurocenter Finland on May 27, 2024, will bring together leading scientists in the field to discuss and outline areas for future research from diverse cross-sectoral viewpoints.

Registration and call for abstracts open until 30 April
There is same electronic form for both registration and abstract submission.
Please submit a short abstract including the title (max 400 words) for 10 minutes oral or poster presentation.

Registration (compulsory)
•    PhD students and faculty members from UEF: no registration fee
•    PhD students from the other universities: no registration fee
•    Other participants: 100 EUR (inc. VAT 0%).
Please pay the registration fee in Euros in full by bank transfer by April 30, 2024. Bank account: Danske Bank FI87 8919 9710 0011 36. Please make sure your name and the project ”Neurodevelopmental disorders course 2934000150211” are stated as reference on your remittance. 


9:00–12:00 Role of early inflammatory activation in microglia/neuron crosstalk in autism spectrum disorders

Tarja Malm, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio campus:
iPSCs and immunocompetent brain organoids from human cells to target the complexity of microglia-neuron interaction in ASD 

Carsten Culmsee, Philipps-University of Marburg, Germany: 
Impact of Cacna1c gene haploinsufficiency on mitochondrial resilience and neuro-inflammatory responses 

Sponsor’ talk: Charles River


Laura Ricceri, Instituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy: 
The contribution of models based on developmental immune activation to the study of autism spectrum disorder

Markus Wöhr, KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium: 
Assessing behavioural alterations with relevance to neurodevelopmental disorders through ultrasound playback in rodents

Judith Alferink, University Hospital of Münster, Münster, Germany: 
Role of the psychiatric risk gene Cacna1c in inflammation and mental disorders

Sponsor’s talk: Jazz Pharmaceuticals


13:00–15:00 Research on neurodevelopmental disorders in Finland and PPI

Heta Pukki, Autistic Spectrum Finland:
Participatory approaches and biomedical autism research - autistic perspectives

Eija Kärnä, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu campus:
PEICAS: Peer Interactions involving Children with Autism Spectrum disorder in inclusive classrooms

Maija Castrén, University of Helsinki: 
Neurodevelopmental mechanisms underlying resilience to neuropsychiatric diseases

Takashi Namba, University of Helsinki: 
Metabolic regulation of neocortical development and neurodevelopmental disorders 

Jaan-Olle Andressoo, University of Helsinki: 
GDNF modulating schizophrenia: a promising target for innovative treatment

Sponsor’s talk: Neurocenter Finland


15:15– Student presentations

Tarja Malm: Closing the day, posters, mentoring and networking with snacks.