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VERA bite-size webinar: Ethnodemographic and Migration processes in urban Russia

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Nikolai Sopnev, visiting researcher, Department of Geographical and Historical Studies, University of Eastern Finland / PhD Researcher, Department of Geography and Tourism, North Caucasus Federal University (Stavropol) will give a talk on Geoinformatic monitoring of ethnodemographic and migration processes in urban agglomerations of Russia.

Today, urban agglomerations have become key points of growth globally. Inside agglomerations, economic activity is higher and often is growing faster than the national economy. The majority of a country’s economically active population also lives in agglomerations. In Russia, this trend is more pronounced, as most regions are characterised by depopulation, while population growth continues mainly in urban agglomerations. About 79 million people live in agglomerations, which is about 53 % of the population of Russia. 
Agglomeration research is impossible to imagine without the study of demographic and migration processes. In my research, I study the network of urban agglomerations and regional features of demographic and migration processes. An important part of my research work is the use of GIS technology and geoinformation monitoring. Using GIS, we can analyse long-term spatial changes in the demographic situations of agglomerations. Also, I explore the experience of regulating the development of agglomerations through Russia’s territorial planning mechanisms.

The webinar is organised by the VERA Centre for Russian and Border Studies together with the Borders, Mobilities and Cultural Encounters Research Community at the University of Eastern Finland.

Place: Zoom

Meeting ID: 625 8039 5974

Find your local number: https://uef.zoom.us/u/cb2Rp1C2kV


The VERA bite-size webinar series is designed to allow researchers at UEF interested in Russia, borders, and related themes to continue to share research ideas and findings during the ongoing restrictions on face to face meetings. Visitors from outside UEF are also welcome to take part. If you would like to give a presentation yourself, or have any other queries about the series, please write to Joni Virkkunen at joni.virkkunen@uef.fi