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Frontiers in Health Sciences seminar

Kari Kurppa: Eliminating the seeds of relapse – targeting residual disease following targeted therapy.
  • Seminaari
  • Terveys ja hyvinvointi
Kuopion kampus, Snellmania-rakennus, sali SN200, sekä verkossa
Yliopistonranta 8
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Frontiers in Health Sciences is a seminar series organized by the doctoral programmes of Faculty of Health Sciences. The seminars are targeted to all interested researchers, teachers and students. 

Frontiers in Health Sciences - continues with a presentation from academy research fellow Kari Kurppa from University of Turku. The topic of the seminar is 'Eliminating the seeds of relapse – targeting residual disease following targeted therapy' and it will be held in English. The seminar is organized together with the Research Community Multidisciplinary Cancer Research at the University of Eastern Finland. 

The laboratory of Dr. Kurppa aims to understand the means cancer cells use to develop resistance to cancer therapies. The laboratoy’s special focus are the mechanisms that enable the establishment of residual disease, or govern the maintenance of residual tumors following targeted cancer therapy. The overarching goal of Dr. Kurppa’s research is to develop rational combination strategies that will extend the long-term efficacy of clinically used cancer therapies.

The event is open to everyone interested. Welcome! 

For further information, please contact Coordinator of Doctoral Program in Molecular Medicine DPMM in the email address: dpmm@uef.fi.