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Drug-induced transcriptomics for drug discovery using both AI and classical approaches

UEF Data-Driven Research Lunch Seminar
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Data Driven Research Lunch Seminar series continues on 26 April. Associate Professor Francesco Napolitano, an Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics at the University of Sannio, Benevento, Italy, will give a talk on Drug-induced transcriptomics for drug discovery using both AI and classical approaches.


In recent decades, computational methodologies have emerged as pivotal instruments within the domain of drug discovery, especially though the so-called ligand-based and rational approaches. Nonetheless, there have been remarkable efforts towards the creation of comprehensive databases collecting drug-induced transcriptomic alterations. These repositories have laid the groundwork for the emergence of innovative, unbiased methodologies, which facilitate novel explorative tools in domains where traditional modalities have been already extensively attempted. Furthermore, the advent and widespread adoption of single-cell sequencing technologies have led to the generation of datasets of unprecedented scale. These extensive datasets serve as a fertile ground for the application of data-intensive artificial intelligence models, thereby heralding the incorporation of advanced machine learning techniques into the realm of drug discovery. This presentation aims to elucidate such developments, highlighting their conceptual underpinnings and showcasing significant applications that exemplify their potential.

For further information, please contact Vittorio Fortino, email vittorio.fortino@uef.fi.

Password for the zoom link: 932730.
Meeting ID: 615 1390 9836.

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