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Artificial Intelligence Symposium

  • Symposium
  • Teknologia ja innovaatiot
  • Terveys ja hyvinvointi
Auditorio1, M-rakennus, 2. kerros, KYS sekä verkossa
Puijonlaaksontie 2
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Artificial Intelligence Symposium is organised by the Kuopio University Hospital and the University of Eastern Finland. It is open to anyone interested in possibilities of artificial intelligence in medicine.

Objectives: Enhance understanding of possibilities related to use of artificial intelligence for medical applications and create networking possibilities.

The attendance is free of charge – Welcome! The language of the symposium is English and it will be recorded. Registration on 8 October at the latest. The link to participation via Teams will be sent 11.10. to all attending online. Please note there is a limited amount of parking space in the parking hall.

Programme (pdf)

12.00–12.02 Opening and welcome, Director of Research and Innovation, Professor Juha Töyräs


12.02–12.27 Professor Pekka Toivanen: How do deep-learning neural networks work and what is their potential in clinical medicine and what are the key pitfalls?

12.28–12.43 Project Coordinator Antti Väänänen: Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in healthcare.

12.44–12.59 Postdoctoral Researcher, Junior Medical Physicist Henri Korkalainen: Deep learning solutions for sleep medicine.

13.00–13.15 Professor Jussi Tohka: Artificial intelligence for diagnosis and prognosis of brain diseases.

13.16–13.31 Q&A and discussion, Professor Juha Töyräs.

13.32–13.47 Coffee 


13.47–14.02 Medical Physicist, Clinical Researcher Sami Väänänen: Artificial intelligence to support diagnostics of osteoporosis and fracture risk prediction.

14.03–14.18 Deputy Chief Physician Helena Jäntti: From science to product – how AI was commercialized for healthcare and consumers?

14.19–14.34 Associate Professor Roman Bednarik: Application of deep learning neural networks for assessment of microsurgical performance.

14.35–14.50 Professor Arto Mannermaa: Machine learning techniques improve identification of interacting components of cancer risk and patient outcome.

14.51–15.06 Project Manager Keijo Haataja: Intelligent cancer diagnostics with different calculation methods.

15.07–15.30 Q&A and discussion, Professor Juha Töyräs.

For further information on the content, please contact Director of Research and Innovation, Professor Juha Töyräs, email juha.toyras@kuh.fi.

For more information on practical arrangements, please contact Training Specialist Kati Haaraoja, email kati.haaraoja@kuh.fi.