Home Economics as a Minor Subject, 25/60 ECTS

By the end of the basic study module, students will have basic knowledge of home economics as a multidisciplinary academic discipline and research subject. Students will be able to to plan and prepare meals according to dietary guidelines and talk about the influencing factors. They will be able to choose and utilise technology in household work. Students will be able to plan and implement economical and welfare-improving solutions while taking into account the resources of the household. They will be able to discuss field-related questions and assess the importance of nutrition, keeping the home clean and family life education for the well-being of individuals and families and in home economics education.

By the completion of the intermediate study module, students will be able to budget and prepare meals for various target groups according to dietary guidelines, and help individuals and groups in issues regarding dietary choices and cooking by using the basic concepts and theoretical foundations of home economics. Students will be able to plan, execute and explain their pedagogical solutions in home economics teaching in the fields of nutrition, housing and consumer education. We emphasise sustainable development in the Home Economics studies. By the end of the studies, students will be able to apply information and communication technology in home economics teaching. They will be able to utilise peer feedback, assess and improve their own expertise and follow development in the field.

Content of the Study Modules

2330500 Basic Studies in Home Economics (25 ECTS)

2330511 Research and Learning Environments in Home Economics (5 ECTS)
2330512 Food Preparation and Kitchen Hygiene (5 ECTS)
2330513 Meal Planning and Principles of Nutrition (5 ECTS)
2330514 Basics of Home Cleaning and Textile Care (5 ECTS)
2330515 Household as an Economic and Social Unit (5 ECTS)

2330680 Intermediate Studies in Home Economics (35 ECTS)

2330611 Food Preparation and Nutrition (5 ECTS)
2330612 Nutrition Interventions and Food Preparation Pedagogy (5 ECTS)
2330613 Living and Environment (5 ECTS)
2330614 Children, Young people and Consumption (5 ECTS)
2330615 Textiles, Surface Materials and Housing (5 ECTS)
2330616 Home Economics Pedagogy (10 ECTS)

Contact Information

Professor, Home Economics
Anna-Liisa Elorinne