Incoming exchange students in Medicine

Guidelines for application

This is a short guide for exchange students in Medicine on how to apply for studies at the School of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio campus.

If you are currently studying in a university and you wish to come to study at the School of Medicine for one or two terms, you can apply for admission as an exchange student. The main principal for being eligible to apply is that you should have completed at least the first year of university level studies. For clinical studies three years of medical studies are usually required and for clinical practice you should have completed at least the theoretical studies about the specialities applied before arrival. The suggested minimum period of exchange is three months and for ERASMUS+ training two months. 

Application deadlines

30 April for autumn semester (September - December) or full academic year (September - May) studies
30 September for spring semester (January - May) studies

Please note that it is not possible to apply after the deadlines!
If you are applying for a training in Clinical Medicine, you should follow these deadlines.

Course listing

Although the whole curriculum for degree students is at our web pages* also in English, those courses are offered in Finnish only (fluent Finnish needed). Because of this we have an English program for exchange students. Our English program starts in September. The course list differs slightly each study year depending on the departments joining the exchange program.


(In addition to browsing the basic curriculum, you can browse information on courses for excange students without logging. Select: Instruction/Courses – Course catalogues –  Faculty of Health Sciences – School of Medicine –  Medicine for exchange students)


Students who start their exchange at the University of Eastern Finland already in September are invited to join in the orientation week organized in the beginning of the month.

Courses for the study year 2018 - 2019:


Autumn semester 2018










Infectious Diseases


to be confirmed



Clinical Neurology for Exchange Students





Neurosurgery for Exchange Students





Spring semester 2019

















February 2019

(for 5th or 6th-year students only)




weeks 7-8



Anesthesiology and Intensive Care







February-May (to be confirmed)


Pharmacology for Exchange Students


February-May (to be confirmed)

OBS! International health care workers and students - health examination

Clinical practice

All medical students who wish to have some practical training at the Kuopio University Hospital (even those applying for ERASMUS+ Training) are taken only through the official exchange programs and processes organized by the University. Unfortunately, due to the increase in the total amount of students at the University Hospital, freemovers are currently not accepted.

We can offer placements mainly in Internal Medicine and Surgery. Some placements are available in Anesthesiology and Paediatrics. Upon application we need to know the clinic/clinics you are interested in. The minimum period for exchange is two months and for each unit 4 weeks.

The specialties available in surgery are:
- Orthopedics
- Traumatology
- Cardiac surgery
- Abdominal surgery (colorectal surgery and upper G-I surgery, different wards)
- Vascular surgery
- Pediatric surgery
- Urology
- Plastic surgery

Step 1

First, please, contact the International Office at your home university to find out if there is an exchange agreement (e.g. Erasmus, FIRST, Nordplus/Nordlys, North‐South‐South, Bilateral Agreement) between the University of Eastern Finland and your home university. The International Office of your home university is also aware about the formalities of applying in your home country. The application information for UEF/Kuopio is available at:

Exchange students may also apply to Erasmus+ Training. That  is training (e.g. clinical practise, or research work) in Kuopio University Hospital. Please note that there is a limited amount of training positions available at the hospital, and departments are not obligated to organize training for applying students. Please, note that these places are applied through the official exchange processes by the University, not via the University Hospital. Please, also note that these exchange students are not allowed to attend the regular study courses at the University. If you are interested in training exchange, please check the possibility to apply for training first from your home university, and then contact international.kuopio(at)

Please note that at this moment we are not able to accept freemover applicants due to the increased amount of incoming finnish students. For few years time preference is given to applicants from our partner universities.

Step 2

After you have consulted the International Office in your home university, please start planning your academic study programme at the University of Eastern Finland.

You should note that the courses that you intend to take in Kuopio should be transferable in the degree you pursue at your home university. Therefore it is essential that your home university approves your study programme and confirms the programme by signing the learning agreement. 

Step 3

The University of Eastern Finland (UEF) has introduced an online application tool for student exchange on 1 March 2013. Coordinators at partner universities (from your home university) first nominates candidate for student exchange at UEF by sending an e-mail to International Student Services (international.kuopio(at) no later than 15 April (15 September).  After nomination of the partner university International Student Services (UEF) will create usernames and send them to the applicants by e-mail. Then applicants can log in to the system and fill in the online application.

Submit the application by the following deadlines:
The online application tool is available for the full academic year 2017-2018 (September - May) between 1 March and 30 April and for the spring semester (2018 January – May) between 1 August and 30 September). It is not possible to apply after the deadline. Paper application forms will not be considered anymore.

More detailed information on the new application procedures will be available on our website at

Please mark clearly into your application which specialty you would like to do if you are applying for training (e.g. not just surgery, please specify which area of surgery you would like to do e.g. cardiac surgery, pediatric surgery etc.) and how long you would like to stay in each specific unit (minimum of 4 weeks/unit and 3 months all together).

The minimum period of exchange organized by the University of Eastern Finland is three (3) months. In addition during the summer months (holiday season June-August) it can be very difficult to get any placement in the local hospital. Applicatons and exchange starting in June-July will not be considered.

If you want to proceed, after having met your coordinator, we kindly ask you or your coordinator to send us your application.

Please remember to enclose the most current Transcript of Academic Records (in English) in your application.

Hopefully this information is useful. Please do not hesitate to contact us** if you have any further questions or need clarification of your medical studies in our university.  For further information about housing, applying protocol and other practical things you'll get from the International Student Services at Kuopio campus, e-mail: international.kuopio(at)

 **) information at the end


Application check list

1) Application form

  • Complete the form clearly with BLOCK letters or type electronically to avoid any misunderstandings and delays.
  • The application form must be signed both by the applicant and the coordinator of the home institution.

2) One photograph

  • Please attach your photograph to the first page of application.

3) Enclosures

a) Official Transcript of Academic Records

  • A Transcript of Academic Records is your complete academic record with the information on completed courses, grades and credits.
  • An English translation of the Transcript of Academic Records is required.
  • Application cannot be processed without the transcript because the academic departments of the University of Eastern Finland need to check the applicant's academic background and suitability for the intended studies.

b) Learning Agreement

  • Complete the Learning Agreement clearly with BLOCK letters or type electronically.
  • The Learning Agreement must be signed by the applicant, the departmental coordinator and the institutional coordinator (if available).
  • Information on courses is available on

c) Two Letters of Reference

  • One of the two needs to be from your Academic Advisor.
  • Letters of Reference are not required in the Erasmus or Nordplus programmes.

d) Motivation Letter

  • Motivation letter is voluntary.

e) Copy of Passport (identification page)

4) Other information

  • In order to avoid any delays in the application process, please make sure that you have carefully filled in all sections of the application form, enclosed required documents and collected all necessary signatures.
  • Please note that incomplete applications and applications arriving after the closing date will not be considered.
  • Send the completed application form and enclosures through the coordinator of the exchange programme at your home institution to the appropriate return address (Kuopio campus).
  • Always send the original application form by post to the campus you are applying to.
  • TOEFL -test or any other official English proficiency certificate is not required from incoming exchange students. However it is important that all exchange students have good skills of English language that they will be able to benefit fully from their studies during their stay at Kuopio campus.


For further information please see

the International Student Services at Kuopio campus

the School of Medicine

Timo Pirskanen
Teaching Coordinator
 -incoming international students, provide assistance with all sorts of practical matters concerning the courses

Tarja Koponen
Teaching coordinator
 -incoming international students, provide assistance with all sorts of practical matters concerning clinical practice


Pirjo Lindström-Seppä
Chief of Student Affairs, Medicine
International Coordinator
-outgoing international students, agreements