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Modern safety requirements of human pharmaceuticals - focus on vaccines

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Frontiers in Health Sciences seminar serie

Dr. Jan Willem van der Laan from the Medicines Evaluation Board will give a talk on Modern safety requirements of human pharmaceuticals - focus on vaccines.

The seminar is organised by the Faculty of Health Sciences and hosted by Doctoral Programme in Drug Research. The event, which is free of charge and open to everyone interested, will be held in English. No registration needed. Welcome!

Speaker biography
Dr. Jan Willem van der Laan is senior assessor in Pharmacology and Toxicology for the Medicines Evaluation Board, located in Utrecht, the Netherlands. On behalf of this Board he is for a long period member of the Safety Working Party (SWP) of the Committee on Human Medicinal Products, and was appointed in 2012 as its chair. Dr. Van der Laan was since 1990 heading the Section Pharmacology and Toxicology Assessment at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM, Bilthoven). In this function he was already responsible for the advice on non-clinical safety aspects for the Netherlands ‘College’, the Medicines Evaluation Board. He moved in 2011 to the Medicines Evaluation Board located in Utrecht, and he is now senior assessor. On invitation of the WHO to the EMA, Dr. van der Laan contributed to the writing of the WHO Guideline on Adjuvanted vaccines. His contributions to the International Conference on Harmonization started in early 1992 when he became a member of the Expert Working Group on Carcinogenicity Testing. Later on he was member and Regulatory Rapporteur on Immunotoxicity Testing (S8). In 2011 he finished as the EU rapporteur the Addendum for the Preclinical testing of Biotechnology-derived Proteins. Now again, he is a member and Regulatory Chair of the new Expert Working Group on Carcinogenicity testing, started in 2011. In 2015 he became Regulatory Chair of the Expert Working Group on Juvenile Toxicity testing S11. In 2011 a HESI project was granted with regard to Adjuvanted vaccines and the association with Autoimmunity, for which Dr. van der Laan was the project leader together with Dr. Sarah Gould. As senior assessor at the Medicines Evaluation Board, Dr. van der Laan is deeply involved in the assessment of the high number of SARS-CoV2 vaccines from a nonclinical point of view.