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Compareo - Co-creating values in ecosystems for home care: comparing aging societies

The 3rd Summer Conference Healthy Aging in Digitized Society
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Joensuun kampus, Metria-rakennuksen salit M109 ja M102 sekä verkossa
Yliopistokatu 7
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Aging is a global concern in the dialogue within theory and practice of the strategy 2030 of the University of Eastern Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences 2030-strategy and Siun sote strategy 2021-2025 covering e.g., cost-effective care, the structures of the social welfare and health care system and the legislation that governs it. The goal is to make active living and healthy ageing available to an increasing number of people. 

The conference provides an opportunity to co-create values in ecosystems for home care, present solutions of aging and compare aging societies together with researchers from Asian partner universities.


8 August

8.30-9 Registration

Opening / Jyrki Saarinen, Gyewan Moon

9.15-9.45 Strategies and developments towards healthy aging in North Karelia / Markus Hirvonen

9.45-10 Break

10-10-45 Healthy Aging in Korea / YongHo Chon

10.45-11.30 Aging Scenario as a Learning Tool for Building Smart Eldercare Ecosystems / Ning An

11.30-12.15 Lunch break

12.15-12.45 Power and Attractiveness of Nursing Profession – A Global Challenge / Tarja Kvist

12.45-13.15 Active Ageing and Rehabilitation in Finland / Raija Kuisma

13.15-13.45 Building an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem for Promoting Brain Industry in South Korea / Gyewan Moon

13.45-14 Break

14-14.30 Familycare, Aging, Wellbeing- recent research / Tarja Välimäki

14.30-15 Nurse-led social media intervention for diabetes self-management / Su Hyun Kim

15-16 Panel Discussion: The Future of Aging /YongHo Chon, Tarja Kvist, Su Hyun Kim, Pekka Kuosmanen, Raija Kuisma, Ning An

18-20 Conference Dinner,  Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel Restaurant


9 August

9-10 Economy Research - Aspect of Timebank (Online) / Chen Tbiao (Translator Honglin Chen)

10-10.15 Break

10.15-10.45 Data Management in Practice / Petri Kivinen

10.45-11.15 Personalized Digital Health Framework for Supporting Digital Elderly Home Care System / Il-Kon Kim

11.15-11.45 Knowledge and digitizing health and social care in Finland / Harri Laihonen

11.45-12.30 Lunch break

12.30-13 KNU SAAL Platform for IoT based ADL (activity of Daily Living) Measurement and eCoaching in Patient’s Home (online) / Soon Ju Kang

13-13.30 Postprandial Hypotension Management in Elderly / EunJoo Lee

13.30-14 Facial emotion recognition and eye movement behavior / Hyorim Lee

14-14.15 Break

14.15-14.30 A nonpharmacological intervention approach for mild cognitive impairment patients and a clinical trial in China / Honglin Chen

14.30-15 Clinical Application of the Experimental ADL Test for Patients with Cognitive Impairment (online) / Ho-Won Lee

15-15.30 Trust-based Situation-aware Access Control Framework (online) / Dae-Young Kim

15.30-16 Concluding words of the Future of Digitalization and Technology in Aging / Honglin Chen, Soon-Ju Kang, Petri Kivinen

16 Closing of the Hybrid Conference / Jyrki Saarinen


10 August: Site visits

9-10 Sepänkatu Senior House / Pekka Kuosmanen and Jukka Tuunanen, Manager

10-10.15 Break

10.30-11.30 Senioripiha

11.30-12.30 Lunch at Siun sote, Joint municipal authority for North Karelia social and health services

12.30-14 Siun sote, Joint municipal authority for North Karelia social and health services / Petri Kivinen

14.15-15.30 Karelia University of Applied Science


Please see abstracts and information on the Key Note speakers: https://ueffi.padlet.org/mirjamiikonen/compareo Password: compareo.


150€ fee is requested to pay upon arrival at the conference. Online payment and registration by 5 August: https://registration.contio.fi/uef/Registration/Login?id=3494-T_3494-4267
The fee includes main meals during the conference day and conference materials. Dinner on Monday 8 August is included in the conference fee.

NB. Students can attend the conference sessions without payment. However, meals and the conference dinner will be available at affordable prices. 

Online participation is free of charge. No registration needed.


Further information: Mirjami Ikonen, mirjami.ikonen@uef.fi, +358504422488 and Jyrki Saarinen, jyrki.saarinen@uef.fi, +358505954348.